Eco-solvent print in CMYK, cyan, magenta and light black

The 7-color printing is composed, in addition to the four process colours, by adding cyan, magenta and black in lighter shades. This print extends the set of reproducible colours and leads us to have a richer colour print than the four-color process, perfecting the nuances, especially in areas with low saturation. The eco-solvent printing allows you to create a high-level product on different supports in addition to paper, thanks to the help of the plotters. It is possible to print on fabric, canvas, on vinyl and on all flexible materials for the production of shaped adhesive labels, banners, stickers, posters, posters, all in reel. Are you looking for a screen printing to deal with eco-solvent printing? Contact us to request a free quote.


Solvent inks

Solvent ink is an organic solvent based solution that contains pigment and resin, and has the advantage of being fade resistant, is waterproof and abrasion resistant. The solvent evaporates thanks to the heaters on the printer, leaving the pigment behind. This ink typically resists fading from five to seven years, and is excellent for use with banners and external vinyls. Since the volatile organic compounds (VOC) are present, an appropriate ventilation and fume convoy installation is required. It does not take much heat to evaporate the carrier, and because the solvent based solution is corrosive, a solvent ink printhead is easily clogged. Regular cleaning is mandatory to keep the printer running.


Eco-Solvent inks

The liquid solution of eco-solvent ink comes from ethereal extracts taken from refined mineral oil. This is not an ecological ink, although it is certainly less environmentally impact than the classic solvent.

Eco-Solvent ink can print on many treated substrates and does not take longer to dry solvent ink, making maintenance of a printer faster. Generally, it takes about two to three years before the ink begins to fade; it is impervious and abrasion resistant.

Solvent / Eco-solvent printing process

Just like in solvent printers, eco-solvent ink printers use heat to evaporate the solution. The complete drying ends within the next 24 hours, so there is a waiting period before any finish can be started. With alcohol and glass cleaner it is possible to remove this ink, so the service life is not as good as a real solvent ink. Contact us to request a free quote.