Design and graphic processing

The graphic aspect is a fundamental element in the creation of a corporate promotional campaign: not only the images, but also the various graphic components used for the creation of leaflets and billboards, for example, must be designed and curated down to the smallest detail to be able to achieve a final result that is up to expectations and above all effective in attracting new potential customers.

In this sense, the design and graphic processing of any project requires the intervention of experienced graphic designers able to work in symbiosis with marketing and advertising professionals.

Art Serigraphik provides promotional graphic design services by printing leaflets, brochures, business cards, etc. complete with professional photo editing, outline and image enhancement for quality communication.

Contact us without hesitation to request a free quote. Sites in Reggio Emilia, we operate throughout the national territory and abroad.


Preliminary analysis of the brand

When you decide to create an advertising design project, you need to consider a variety of aspects. First of all it is essential to make a preliminary analysis of the brand in order to understand the image that we want to offer to the public. This is an essential step to be able to create a graphic project that is at the same time consistent with the brand identity and effective in capturing the attention of new potential customers. The next step is to collect all the graphic and textual contents that can contribute to the creation of the project: images, photos, old promotional material, in short everything about the company can help to better define the project.


We increase the visibility of your brand

Art Serigraphik offers high-level resources and expertise to all companies and small businesses in the cities where it operates for the design and implementation of promotional projects aimed at increasing brand visibility: brochures, catalogues, billboards, leaflets, business cards , all that can contribute to the definition of a valid and effective marketing campaign. Thanks to the experience and skills of our professionals, you can create projects of high-level promotional graphics. Please contact us.