Custom advertising gadgets

Promotional items are items that are given away to customers and are much appreciated. They are designed to attract attention for their bizarre, colourful and friendly appearance. The added value is the possibility of being able to customize them with the logo of their business so as to make the product unique and to make the brand known and remembered. Our company produces personalized advertising gadgets such as magnets, puzzles, watches, door signs, mirrors, plates etc. at competitive prices. The printing can be performed in different types of material. Are you looking for a company that deals with the creation of corporate advertising gadgets? Contact us to request a free quote. Sites in Reggio Emilia, we operate in Italy and abroad.


Maximum immediate visibility

When choosing a promotional item, it is advisable to focus the attention first of all on the final usefulness of the gadget, so if the purchase is made to convey its image in conjunction with an event an event, for example a congress an event sports, or a gift to give to its customers to increase loyalty or to their staff. The final target will help to identify the most suitable category of advertising gadgets: for a fair you will seek maximum visibility immediately then fabric items such as bags or shoppers, T-shirts and caps are more suitable for sporting events or outdoor events, while objects smaller ones like pens, pencils, usb, key rings, bracelets are good for a meeting. Thanks to their usefulness, calendars are ideal for making you remember your customers all year round. They also allow a four-color printing that makes it possible to reproduce any type of logo.


Articles that enhance your initiative

The advantage of customizable gadgets is just to fit in all types of campaigns and events, for small or large. Surely you can find the object that will enhance more your initiative, perhaps personalizing it with a digital print to increase its visibility. Contact us to request a personalized quote. We operate in Italy and abroad.