Furnishing accessories in FOREX® (and other materials)

FOREX® sheets can be localized and chosen for any design and style as this material easily adapts to various contexts. It is important to carefully choose colors, shades and design based on the location.

A further use in the furnishing accessories sector, by FOREX®, is the creation of table lamps, internal partitions, small shelves or mini-bookcases that are strongly adapted to modern, minimal and young contexts.

Art Serigraphik, deals with the realization of furnishing objects in FOREX® for shops, offices, hotels and interiors in general.

Are you looking for a company that deals with the production of objects in FOREX®? Do you have to make carved separations?


Features and applications

One of the least known materials in the furniture industry is FOREX®, a plastic material essentially made of PVC and equipped with the following characteristics: lightness, ease in processing, easy transportability, but above all it has a high adaptability to deformations.

In most cases, up to a few years ago, FOREX® was used in areas of a completely different nature from that of furniture: sectors such as communication, direct printing, creation of large-sized signs or signs, component for scenography, etc. .

In recent times, instead, it is outlining new uses, one of which is the furniture sector. In this sector, the use has no limits: basic element for paintings, prints to be used as table covers or drawer covers, objects, work surfaces, partitions, etc.


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FOREX® can be used for direct printing, in the communication sector, for the creation of large-sized signs, signs, models, models, sales outlets, TV and theatrical sets, promotional objects, screen printing. Contact us for more information on our achievements in FOREX®.